How this Game is Played

Phase one of The Process – Game on

Step 1: The Artist invite & acceptance process.  No Pay tp Play. By Invite only. Once an Artist accepts to play (in writing) they become 1/3 of a corpse-team.  There are seven (7) rules. The most important (related to playing) are the first two.  Rule#1 is HAVE FUN. Rule# 2 Artist is sworn to secrecy. Must accept not to share any information at all with anyone until after the day of the unveiling. Containing the excitement is a challenge. The game culminates with an unveiling of the art.  The unveiling is when everybody gets to see the artwork come together as one piece for the first time.

The Game Keeper is a firm believer “We attract based on what We create”.  We are the masters of our domain. The synergy created by the amazing talent who join to play JUST FOR FUN is the magic that moves this game.

Step 2 – The Game Keeper does the pairing of the artists at the inception of the game in a very serendipity way. During a game launch party, the Artists receive a secret game card indicating what part of the corpse they will be creating.  The Game Keeper is the only person who knows “who is paired with who”.  Maintaining the Secrecy is THE KEY. Each artist gets 17 days to complete their artwork. The game s in play for approx. 90 days. For each individual artist it is very important to meet the deadline. Not complying affects the entire process of the game.  The gamekeeper currently curates six categories.  In 2019 there were a total of 63 highly talented creative artists.  The games smooth sailing highly relies on the professionalism of the artists and the ability to follow the rules. #ECG2019 was the last one played. Plans & logistics are in the works for #ECG2022 #ECGRenascence.

Being a full-time artist is a full-time job and must understand “how to own and manage their business”. Good discipline is an essential tool.  There are many intangible and tangible benefits for the artists that accept the challenge to play.  It’s a very individualized- collaboration.

Step 3 – The Unveiling.  The game culminates with an unveiling of the surreal thought-provoking artwork. The #ECG2017 & #ECG2018 unveiling were held at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. The 2019 unveiling was held at a local Hotel Ball room.  The unveiling has been traditionally held on a weeknight (Thursday) and the attendance has exceeded 200 people every year.  The synergy the night of the unveiling is magical. The sense of Wonder and Creativity can be experienced by all attendees.

Phase 2 of the Process – Let’s Get This Exhibit on the road

After the magical night of the unveiling, the artwork becomes part of a traveling exhibit.  It’s intended for Museums & high-end galleries.  Currently 90% of the artists that have participated reside in St. Petersburg Fl.  Artists from other states & countries are also invited every year. One of the ripple effects is to create and build bridges through this art collaborative experience.  We can ignite change through the Arts!

 The Game Keeper sums it up as “A Unique Artistic Blind Experimental Collaborative Game” Where Art & Science meet through Thought Provoking Surreal Art.

” Don’t judge this game by its name.  This version is about living In Fun… “

#ECG2019 was the last game played due to Pandemic. Currently working on Exhibit dates & locations. Next Game will be in 2023. Stay tuned, Safe & Healthy…

ECG copywrite 2022

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