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How this Game is Played

Phase One:

1- By invite only, No Pay to Play. Once Artist accepts to play (in writing) they become 1/3 of a corpse-team.  They just don’t know who they will be collaborating with until the day of the unveiling.

2- There are seven (7) rules. The most important (related to playing) are the first two.  Rule#1 is HAVE FUN. Rule# 2 Artist is sworn to secrecy. Must accept not to share any information at all with anyone until after the unveiling.

3- Containing the excitement is a challenge.  The game culminates with an unveiling of the art.  The unveiling is when everybody gets to see the artwork come together as one piece for the first time.

Phase Two:

– Let’s Get This Exhibit on the road

After the magical night of the unveiling, the artwork becomes part of a traveling exhibit.  The stories as individual pieces and then as one Exquisite Corpse are inspiring & interesting. The exhibit is intended for Museums & high-end galleries.  So far 90% of the artists that have participated reside in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater Fl. . Artists from other states & countries are also invited every year.  One of the ripple effects of this game is to create and build bridges through this art collaborative experience. 

We can ignite change through the Arts! It’s important to assist the present & future generations of Art Collectors comprehend and value the importance of all original art.

 The Game Keeper sums it up as “A Unique Artistic Blind Surreal Collaborative Game” Where Art & Science meet through Thought Provoking Art. Art for Arts sake.

” Don’t judge this game by its name.  This version is about living In Fun… “

#ECG2019 was the last game played since the Pandemic. Plans for 2023 are in the works. For more information contact

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