ECG 2019 Film

This game always starts from the bottom up. We start with legs because everything in life starts with foundation. Legs in this game represent foundation. Next Torso and its role is considered the connector. Last and definitely not least the head which brings it all together. This is the same for every category. 2019 Filming was introduced to the game. This is the first ECG film. Three parts, Three directors , three stories that COME TOGETHER AS ONE. ECG 2019 Film as one “Full Circle”. Please keep in mind they did not know what the other person was creating and they did not know each other prior to the unveiling of the game.

Legs by Film Director & Writer Arturo Merelo

Arturo currently resides in Mexico City, originally from Spain. During a visit to Saint. Petersburg Fl. attending the 14th Sunscreen Film Festival he accepted the challenge to play in the first Exquisite Corpse Games Filming category in addition to the first Spanish Poetry game as well.

His Legs /film “All walks of Life” Different strokes for Different Folks the rest left to imagination…

Torso by Casting Agent & Film Director Rose Rosen
As the connector her piece is named “Belly Buttons”.   No matter what , We all have one…

Head Film Director Magda Satlof

She lived a life filled with film making as the wife of legendary Film Director Ron Satlof (Oct 27 1938 – July 2 2018) . Magda accepted to play as an homage to the love of her life Ron Satlof.  Head is the final piece and symbolically its job is to bring it all together.

Vivid images and symbolic pathways color this film with a journey that all mankind takes in life ,to perceive who we are as human beings ,and how our understanding relates to our actions. The film opens with an active volcano ,that has a destructive power as well as a needed influence, to start the life cycle over.