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Envision a bunch of creatives being told they have no control of the outcome of their artwork. Artists and creatives are individuals, rebels and uncontrollable by nature. When 66 come together, well, the chaos is FUN and the outcome is SPECTACULAR!

Creativity is a gift that inspires, moves hearts and adds flavor to life. Imagine a world with no color, no music and poetry. Where life is mundane and all we did was eat, work and sleep. It would not be worth living.

Creativity has blessed life in so many ways: games, fashion, culinary arts, wine, music, literature, film and architecture. Exquisite Corpse Games takes this love of the imaginative and unites it, harnesses it and the results are unpredictable.

Make sure you don’t miss 2019’s unveiling of 22 new creations of paintings, sculptures, film, music, photography and poetry, on November 14th at The Hyatt Downtown St. Petersburg. It will be a feast for your eyes!

The Origins of Exquisite Corpse

André Breton started the game circa 1927. Since then, thousands of artists have played globally. Never like this version before. Every Year is a brand new game. It takes three to make this game go right!

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