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The Exquisite Corpse Game originated almost 100 years ago in France by a group of surrealist artists lead by Andre Breton. It was first played with words in the form of Poetry and progressed into drawings.  Currently, this is a new version of the game that has been added to its history originating in St. Petersburg Florida opening a portal into the New Millenium.

This unique version of the game is played once a year. Every year is an entirely new game, even when some of the participants have played before.  The categories are Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Poetry, Music & Filming. The game is Organized & curated by “The Game Keeper” Ann Marie Cash.  It is a blind artistic collaboration. The formula 3 + 1 = One Corpse

Here is how this version of the game is played: The game starts with the selection of the artists.  No pay to play allowed. The artist must be invited. They are sought out based on medium and Talent.  Once the artist accepts to play they are randomly paired and assigned a part of the corpse (either head, torso, legs). We all know how important every body part is. Every player matters! One of the game’s main objectives is to bring the artists out of “the comfort zone”.

Have them be inspired to create a work of art JUST FOR FUN. They become 1/3 of a work of art. They just don’t know who they are paired with until the end of the game which culminates with an unveiling of the Artwork. They are not given many clues. They know what part of the corpse they are going to create, the medium they are creating in and that every artist invited is very talented.

There are seven rules. The main two rules:  Rule#1 Have Fun. Rule#2 Sworn to secrecy.

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Phase 2 – Each artist has 17 days to complete their work of art. The gamekeeper is the only person that knows who is paired with who. The pairing is done before the game is launched in a unique serendipity random way by The Game Keeper. Once paired changes cannot be made. The pieces won’t fit otherwise. Maintaining Secrecy is the KEY!

Phase 3 – The culmination of the game is the unveiling. The unveiling is when the artists and all attendees get to see the pieces come together for the first time. The magic reveals itself!

The Gamekeeper’s ultimate objective is to show through the cohesiveness of the artwork what happens when people with the same INTENT get together, unite. Energy cannot be destroyed. Not because we do not see IT, means IT does not exist. When people get together in anger, anger grows. In this case, everyone accepts to play just for fun and the synergy created shows itself through the cohesiveness of the artwork. The cohesiveness can be identified in shape, color, direction, stories all of the above. This is an interactive art experience. It’s an experiment where Art & Science meet. After the unveiling, the mindblowing surreal Artwork (All categories combined) becomes a traveling exhibit filled with remarkable stories. This game has many ripple effects. Let’s ignite change through the arts in a non-hostile way.

Through this game, we want to build bridges. If you would like to be part of this version of the game by starting a game in your area please email exquisitecorpsegames@gmail.com for more information on how we can collaborate and make that happen! #ArtOn #ECG
In order to ignite change #WeHaveToStartSomewhere

Exquisite Corpse Games Artists in Paintings

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Exquisite Corpse Games Artists in Photography