Exquisite Corpse Games

V 2.0 A Surreal Art Game Where Arts and Science meet

Exquisite Corpse Games V2.0

Exquisite Corpse Games V2.0
Jose Rodeiro Why I accepted to play…

Jose Rodeiro was hesitant at first As most artists when invited . As the gamekeeper refers to it “The participating artist must be on “the same frequency” . To play this game you must be talented and devoted to the profession of the arts.

It has always been a challenge to choose the Arts as a profession. It is a business and not all artists are as business minded as they are talented. You must have passion and vision to be an artist. An artist is not selling widgets. They are manufacturers of “self expression” and as all manufacturing the better the process the higher profitability.

The Arts is one educational process The world can use more of. Support for the arts & artists is needed now more than ever. Lets break the cycle and allow artists to make a living and get compensated for their work & efforts while “still alive”.

This game has many ripple effects. Its an organic way of contributing to the world through “Thought Provoking Art” … The GameKeeper

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