Exquisite Corpse Games

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ECG 2019 PA 1

Head by Jose Rodeiro

André Breton Inventing The Exquisite Corpse
Game (1925), Oil on wood, 2019.
My painting depicts a parlor within a
Montparnasse house owned by three
Surrealists (Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duhamel,
Jacques Prévert) along Rue du Chateau, during
a late-afternoon visit in April, 1925, from the
“Father of Surrealism,” André Breton and another Surrealist guest, Benjamin Péret.  More about Artist Jose Rodeiro

Torso By Rebecca Skelton

I believe that the making of art and viewing of
art are transformative experiences. It is easy
to express anger, horror and pain. The
challenge is to reach beyond the present. I
would like the viewing of my work to be a
healing force and to evoke an emotional
release. Although most of my work contains
an undercurrent of longing and melancholy,
the overall images convey redemption: the
feeling of being burned clean after a fever
breaks, the realization of the miracle of
existence and the recovery from loss.

Legs By Ronn Johnson

FAMILY PORTRAIT—Dedicated to those
who left me too early. “Legs” is the
foundation of this project, so legs
represent the foundation of the
family. My family of five was short
lived, only 4 years, and I was
patriarch by age 40. I used a shoe
that was important in each
member’s life to represent them.
Since I still have legs, bare feet are
all I need. Represented is our home
state of Ohio, our city and the area we enjoyed.

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