Nicolas Descharnes Exquisite Corpse Games

Exquisite Corpse Games 2018- Unveiling was held at the MFA St. Petersburg, FL

FIDES (The Faith, Faith) Photographic montage directed by Nicolas Descharnes in October 2018 for the Exquisite Corpse Games event, photography section.

My mentor and late father Robert Descharnes (1926-2014) is who took these photographs staged by me. I took advantage of the Exquisite Corpse exercise to visualize my obsessions, which has shaped my life for a few decades consciously, and since my birth unconsciously. It is thus a kind of paranoid-critical self-portrait according to the method of Salvador Dalí. In psychology, according to Freud’s discoveries, during an introspection, the therapist asks you to go back to childhood. You need to visualize the child that you were to investigate your traumas. It is therefore natural that I searched the photographic archives and found this portrait of me by my father in Cadaqués in August 1966 when I was two years old. I rediscovered a little Nicolas about him, with a strabismus alternative and convergent very pronounced, which earned me jokes during my early childhood. These disappeared later because the infantile feminine rim exclaimed: “Descharnes has charm”. Naturally that did not give me a virile status with my friends to my great despair.

Nicolas Descharnes with his late father/mentor Robert Descharnes