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The game has been played by many, Never like this version before . Its a unique creative blind collaboration Photo By Luisa Harvey

Can You Keep A Secret?

Secrecy is KEY ! Photo by Luisa Harvey

Team of Three

Head, Torso, Legs All equally important. Cannot have one without the other in this game.

The Suspense Is Exciting!

Standing room only!

Poetry 2017 New Addition

Poetry was a huge success. Co-Curated by the Poet Laureate of the City of St. Petersburg Helen P. Wallace Photo by: Kimberly Defalco

54 Incredibly Talented Artist Accepted the Challenge

ECG LLC 2017 Participants


Exquisite Corpse Games 2018

Exquisite Corpse Games LLC  Games

Every year is an entirely new game, even when some of the participants have played before. We are all in constant change. Each year every piece created is a unique work of art that is part of the energetic flow. It is a unique blind collaboration and a very individualized experience, all at once. 

The game starts with the selection of the artists. Once the artists accept to play they become part of a team. One of the games main objectives is to bring the artists out of their comfort zone. Have them be inspired to Create a work of art JUST FOR FUN.   They become 1/3 of a work of art.

A select group of highly experienced professionals within the arts is chosen as “The seekers”. Their job is to assist with the selection of the talent.  All artists invited are VERY talented.  That is what makes it so fun.  They are all on the same frequency.  The artist is given very little clues.  They know what part of the corpse they are going to create, the medium they are creating in and that every artist invited is very talented.  The artist role is to be inspired & motivated by the other incredible talent. Play the game and be as creative & inspired as possible.    That is where Phase 2 starts. 

Each artist has 17 days to complete their work of art.  The gamekeeper is the only person that knows who is paired with who. The pairing is done before the game is launched in a unique serendipity way. Once paired changes cannot be made. The pieces won’t fit otherwise. Maintaining Secrecy is the KEY! 

Phase 3 is the unveiling, That is when the artists and all attendees get to see the pieces come together for the first time.  The magic reveals itself!

The Gamekeepers ultimate objective is to show through the cohesiveness of the pieces what happens when like-minded people get together. Law of Physics. Energy cannot be destroyed. Not because we do not see it, means it does not exist.  When like-minded people get together in hatred, hatred grows.  In this case, everyone accepts to play for fun the synergy created shows itself through the cohesiveness of the pieces.  The cohesiveness can be in shape, color, form, stories.  This is an interactive game.  It’s a live experience.  Teamwork makes the DREAM work! 

This game has many ripple effects.  Let’s ignite change through the arts in a non-hostile way.

Through this game, we want to build bridges. If you would like to be part of this version of the game by starting a game in your area please email exquisitecorpsegames@gmail.com for more information on how we can make that happen.

In order to ignite change, #WeHaveToStartSomewhere




Next Steps…

#ECG2019 We are getting everything in place for the ECGllc 2019 game. Exhibit unveiling scheduled for Thursday, November 14, 2019.  More details soon to follow in the meantime back at the vortex we are working on inviting the artists. Stay tuned… 

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