Exquisite Corpse Games

V 2.0 A Surreal Art Game Where Arts Science and Life Meet

Ann Marie aka Cash ECG Game Keeper

My name is Ann Marie and  I am a Humanitarian, Innovative, Unconventional Visionary Entrepreneur. Art Curator ,Collector and a Motivational Story teller that wears many hats. Currently I am known as the ®Exquisite Corpse Games, Game Keeper. I take my job very seriously.  The Game Keeper organizes the game in its entirety.  It’s hard for many to comprehend the “Role” and the “Responsibility” that comes with the commitment of having to enforce rules such as #1 Have Fun. This Exquisite Corpse game is a New Millennium updated version based on the premise of the original antiquated game (1925) by Andre Breton . With every New Year (New glass of wine) the game has been writing itself. Exquisite Corpse Games LLC was established in 2017. This game has been evolving and writing itself with every year that passes and the ripple effects are limitless. 

The Game Keeper has various roles. First one is to seek and invite the artists.  For the artists the intrigue of not knowing who they are collaborating with and the possible outcome is a huge challenge, for those who dare to accept! Only those working off of higher frequencies are invited. Its the Game Keepers job to keep everyone reminded “Imagination must be in play at all times, Its A GAME!

The formula to this game is 3 + 1. Three Artists to form one Corpse and the Game Keeper is the glue that brings them together.   The game is launched and is in play for approx. 3 months. It is played in six (6) categories. The artists are paired by the Game Keeper prior to the launch of the game. She is the only person who knows who is paired with who. Maintaining Secrecy is Key.  While the game is in play her highest priority is to maintain the flow as positive and up beat as possible while making sure everyone meets their deadline. She views herself as the “Customer Service Rep” for all the participants. It’s important to keep everyone reminded IT’S A GAME meant to be fun for all involved.  The combined synergy is the magic that moves this game. Quantum physics if explained in scientific terms.

The Game culminates with an unveiling of the thought provoking Art work. The unveiling is when all the pieces are seen together as an Exquisite Corpse for the first time.  The Game Keepers ultimate objective is to illustrate through the cohesiveness of the art work what Happens when people are on the same page, with a common goal and stick with the process.  In this case everyone is collaborating JUST FOR FUN.

The cohesiveness is illustrated either through colors, direction, stories or all of the criteria’s. The unveiling is when the magic is felt & revealed by all who attend.

After the unveiling the art work becomes a traveling exhibit intended for Museums & High End galleries. The stories and work in all categories are thought provoking.  There are many benefits and ripple effects to this game.  As the Game Keeper My vision & hope is through this fun unique surreal art collaborative game , we can assist in opening minds to possibilities by nurturing &encouraging free thinking. Assist to educate our next generations of the importance of Art, Culture and Community living through the Arts.

The Exquisite Corpse Games Games Keeper Play Book work shop is motivational & inspirational. Designed for Business & Schools. For more detailed information contact ECGgamekeeper@gmail.com

About Ann Marie aka Cash

After a successful career in Technology  Sales and a life changing event I moved to St. Petersburg Fl. in 2009 to get involved in the Arts, and it has been a remarkable journey while learning.  As my first effort to get involved & acquainted with the city I started out by establishing a Networking/ Marketing company by the name of The Best of St. Pete. A networking venue for people within the Arts Fashion Sports, Hospitality & Cuisine industries. “It takes a village” so get involved. After three (3) years I changed the slogan to “It takes a willage, a willing village “so get involved. Next I went digital and in 2011 founded Rhino On Air.com “Your Favorite Friendly  Internet Radio Station From the Arts, to The People” , Where Art is Heard! Live broadcasting in addition to podcasting.

The station was created to play only independent musicians music and provide a platform to be heard. The only criteria “recordings and talent must be good! A variety of talk shows were also added to the roster. I produce and host “Connect the Dots with Ann Marie”. “We are all connected in one way or another and the show is about people empowering people”.   As part of my learning curb I became proactively involved with the community as a volunteer member of the International Relations Committee of the City of St. Petersburg and as an Ambassador at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks to many efforts and volunteering hours I met a variety of highly talented creative people and on my seventh (7th) year of living in St. Pete I was introduced to the original game of Exquisite Corpse and I have been on this journey since. I wholeheartedly believe Arts & Culture is a very important tool to assist with “Igniting Change”. Every Era has its own Arts & History story that needs to be documented and shared. This one is remarkable. Its time to #FlipTheScript and this Game is #ProofOfPossibilities #PoP. A Surreal Place where Arts, Science & Life come together as one, Just for Fun.