Every Year Is a Brand New Game. Even if all the participants were the same artists every year, the outcome would not be the same.
Life is meant to be lived and with living comes change. Change impacts the flow we go with. In this case, every artist accepts to play for fun. The intent initiates the flow. The artists do not know who they are collaborating with until the day of the Grand Reveal. The gamekeeper is the Plus one in this game. Her mission is to show through the cohesiveness of the artwork what happens when people with the same intent get together. The cohesiveness reveals itself either in Color, form, direction, stories or all of the above. It is a surreal mindblowing fun inspiring time.

Sixty (63) Highly talented creative artists have accepted the challenge and are participating. Six (6) categories. The synergy in the room is magical. That is why this is more than an event it is an experience. It is where Art & Science meet eloquently. The outcome Thought-Provoking Art…


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