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André Robert Breton

(French: 18 February 1896 – 28 September 1966) was a French writer and poet. He is known best as the co-founder, leader, principal theorist and chief apologist of surrealism.[1] His writings include the first Surrealist Manifesto (Manifeste du surréalisme) of 1924, in which he defined surrealism as “pure psychic automatism”.

The text includes numerous examples of the applications of Surrealism to poetry and literature but makes it clear that its basic tenets can be applied to any circumstance of life; not merely restricted to the artistic realm. The importance of the dream as a reservoir of Surrealist inspiration is also highlighted.


Surrealism was a cultural movement which developed in Europe during the aftermath of World War I and was largely influenced by Dada. The movement is best known for its visual artworks , writings and the juxtaposition of uncommon imagery. Artists painted scenes, from everyday objects, and developing painting techniques that allowed the unconscious to express itself. Its aim was, according to leader André Breton, to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality into an absolute reality, a super-reality”, or surreality.

Ann Marie Cash aka The Game Keeper

Now Lets Fast Forward to Present Ver 2.0 Game. This version was founded in the Year 2017 and is played in a very unique way in six (6) categories: Paintings, Sculptures, Photography , Poetry, Music & Filming. There is NO pay to play. Artists are sought out based on talent and invited. Once the artist has accepted to play exclusively for fun, they become 1/3 of a corpse. They just don’t know who they are paired with until the culmination of the game. The game culminates with and unveiling of the art work. The unveiling is when everyone including the participating artists get to see the Exquisite Corpse come together as one for the first time. It is a surreal mind blowing inspiring experience. After the unveiling the Thought Provoking Art work becomes part of a traveling exhibit designed for Museums & High End Art Galleries.

Surrealism principal founder André Breton reported that it started in fun, but became playful and eventually enriching. Breton said the diversion started about 1925, but Pierre Reverdy wrote that it started much earlier, at least as early as 1918.

The name is derived from a phrase that resulted when Surrealists first played the game, “Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau.” (“The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.”) André Breton writes that the game developed at the residence of friends at an old house in Montparnasse, 54 rue du Château (no longer existing). Besides himself he mentions Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert, Yves Tanguy and Benjamin Péret as original participants.

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