Welcome to Exquisite Corpse Games, LLC

Exquisite Corpse is a game that has been played by many, never like this version before!

Ann Marie Cash

Ann Marie Cash is the Gamekeeper of Exquisite Corpse Games, LLC. She has taken the Exquisite Corpse Game to new levels with the addition of photography, poetry, music and film to the already existing paintings and sculptures.

Ann Marie Cash“My philosophy is, ‘Life is meant to be lived.’ What better way than living every moment in Fun? Since I was a child, I enjoyed listening to people’s stories and life experiences.  I always believed people can agree to disagree and learn how to co-exist while having fun.  I also believe people who have chosen the arts as their career, have a responsibility while communicating with the world through their craft.  Every moment is a choice; why not enjoy them? That is how I decided to get involved with this game.”

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Organizer, Curator and Gamekeeper

Ann Marie CashAt an early age, I realized I enjoyed playing games as part of a team. How to get things accomplished as a group, minimizing issues and chaos. I was raised in a world where aspiring artists were told, “If you want to be an artist, you must get an education first, in order to obtain a ‘real job’.” Those words still haunt me!

All I knew was I wanted to succeed; therefore, I followed advice and went to college to obtain a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.

I have always had an entrepreneurial creative spirit with a mind that enjoys science and technology. I owned various different small businesses and enjoyed a successful (14 years) Corporate America career in PR/Marketing and Sales, until it all crashed in 2007.

A New Beginning

Like many, I was forced to make some changes. That’s when I decided to reconnect with my inner child and accomplish things I’ve always enjoyed: writing and filming as my first objectives.

I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to get involved in the arts. I started in music, and managed and worked with various mainstream musicians, songwriters and singers such as reggae legend Cutty Ranks, Grammy award winner Tony Perez, Jazz vocalist Fred Johnson and more.

During the process, I used my technology skills creatively and in 2011 started an Internet Radio station: WSPF-DB, RhinoOnAir.com “Your favorite, Friendly Internet Radio Station.” From the Arts to the people, a local voice that goes global and only plays independent musicians’ music.

I also Founded networking (virtual venue) “The Best of St. Pete.” A networking venue for people within the Arts, Fashion, Sports, and Hospitality and Cuisine industries. It takes a village…so get involved!

Exquisite Corpse International

In 2014, I was approached by two young sculptors who asked me if I was familiar with the surrealist parlor game “exquisite corpse,” and from that moment forward, I was hooked – and the ideas and possibilities started flowing. After a two-year partnership under the name of “Exquisite Corpse International,” changes occurred, and we parted ways.

Exquisite Corpse Games, LLC

That is how Exquisite Corpse Games, LLC (version 2.0) came to life in 2017. This is a private-sector organization dedicated to creating innovative, fun and creative marketing opportunities for all involved.

It’s a company based on a blind artistic collaboration. A game with rules and an organization with procedures.

Rule#1: Have Fun at all times!

The goal is to establish a brand-new business model to create revenue streams within the Arts that contributes to the Economic development of ALL involved. There is much strength in unity!

As the ECG Gamekeeper, my main job is to protect the secrecy and integrity of the game, while curating. The force that moves the game is the synergy created by all the like-minded participants. I am a funnel for the game, and I strive to maintain a fun, positive, happy vibe and flow.


Every Year, the game culminates with an unveiling of the art pieces created. After the unveiling, the artwork becomes a traveling exhibit of thought-provoking art.

The 2018 unveiling was a huge success, held at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts.   The ECG 2017 and 2018 Exhibit has been on display at:

  • Duncan McClellan’s Gallery
  • The Chihuly Gallery
  • The Gallery (currently closed)
  • Grace Howl Gallery in Sarasota
  • The Temple Beth-El 2019 Art Festival
  • The Historic Gilbert Chapel Gallery (downtown St. Pete)
  • The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

Every year is a brand-new game. The #ECG2018 was definitely a night that defined the unveiling as a Festival of The Arts and set the stage for many more to come.

Call to Action: Playing the Game

To play this game, you must be invited. If you or someone you know is on the same frequency and would be interested in participating, please let us know you’re out there.


Welcome to Exquisite Corpse Games, LLC

Exquisite Corpse is a game that has been played by many, never like this version before!

The Exquisite Corpse Games is a game that is almost 100 years old. It started as a surrealist parlor game, played on paper in words & drawings. Currently a new way of playing the game has been added to its history and originated in St. Petersburg Florida.
The game has joined the new Millennium by way of this version of the game, played in a way it has never been played before. Every year is an entirely new game, even when some of the participants have played before. We are all in constant change. Each year every piece created is a unique work of art that is part of the energetic flow. It is a unique blind collaboration and a very individualized experience, all at once.
Here is how this version of the game is played: The game starts with the selection of the artists. Once the artists accept to play they are randomly paired and assigned a part of the corpse (either head, torso, legs).We all know how important every body part is. Every player matters! One of the games main objectives is to bring the artists out of their comfort zone. Have them be inspired to create a work of art JUST FOR FUN. They become 1/3 of a work of art.
A select group of highly experienced professionals within the arts is chosen as “The seekers”. Their job is to assist with the selection of the talent. All artists invited are VERY talented. That is what makes it so fun. They are all on the same frequency. The artist is given very little clues. They know what part of the corpse they are going to create, the medium they are creating in and that every artist invited is very talented. The artist role is to be inspired & motivated by the other incredible talent. Play the game and be as creative & inspired as possible. Rule#1 Have Fun. Rule#2 Sworn to secrecy. Next :
Phase 2 starts – Each artist has 17 days to complete their work of art. The gamekeeper is the only person that knows who is paired with who. The pairing is done before the game is launched in a unique serendipity random way. Once paired changes cannot be made. The pieces won’t fit otherwise. Maintaining Secrecy is the KEY!
Phase 3 – is the unveiling. The unveiling is when the artists and all attendees get to see the pieces come together for the first time. The magic reveals itself!
The Gamekeeper (as part of the game) ultimate objective is to show through the cohesiveness of the pieces what happens when people with the same INTENT get together, unite. Physics- Energy cannot be destroyed. Not because we do not see IT, means IT does not exist. When people get together in anger, anger grows. In this case, everyone accepts to play for fun and the synergy created shows itself through the cohesiveness of the art work. The cohesiveness can be identified in shape, color, form, stories all of the above. This is an interactive game. It’s an experiment where Art & Science meet.
This game has many ripple effects. Let’s ignite change through the arts in a non-hostile way.
Through this game, we want to build bridges. If you would like to be part of this version of the game by starting a game in your area please email exquisitecorpsegames@gmail.com for more information on how we can collaborate and make that happen! #ArtOn
In order to ignite change #WeHaveToStartSomewhere

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