2018 marked the 2nd consecutive year this version of the #ECGllc game culminates with an unveiling of the exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts located at 255 Beach Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

The much anticipated night is when the artists and all attending find out who was paired with who. It is also when everyone gets to see the “Corpses” come together for the first time. Three ideas/works of art come together as one.

It is not “just an event or an art show”. It is a unique experience based on an exquisite artistic blind collaboration. An updated version of a surreal parlor game based on a french term “cadavre exquis “, with an interesting spin.

2018 Music was added to the game in a very unique way. The Music portion was lead by David Manson and sponsored by EMIT series.

The 2018 categories were Painting, Sculptures, Photography, Poetry, and Music Curated by Ann Marie Cash  and  Co-curated as follows:

2D Paintings     Co-Curator            Jenipher Chandley 

3D Sculptures   Co-Curator            Scott Joseph Moore 

Photography     Co-Curator           Chuck Vosburgh

Poetry              Co-Curator           Helen Wallace

Music               Head Composer    David Manson

Sixty (66) incredibly multitalented minds accepted the 2018 challenge to participate in the game.  It is always a challenge to let go and trust the process.  They all have worked very hard to establish themselves as an artist. Accepting to play the game and collaborate on a work of art with not knowing who they are collaborating with is huge!  A challenge they all accept to play “Just for Fun” first and foremost.  The rest “Just Happens”. An artistic collaboration where “Art meets Science” in a unique way! 

For more information on the ECG 2018 Participating artists please check under each individual category page.

A 2018 Limited Edition very special magical amulet has been designed and on sale by  Jeweler Doug D’souza


The Game is currently in play…..



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