The Exquisite Corpse Games LLC 2017 exhibit is aka ECG Version 2.1

Fifty-four (54) multitalented artists accepted the challenge to play.  The outcome of the great artistic synergy is seen & felt through the Surreal thought-provoking Art.  The #ECGV2.1 comprised of:

Eight (8) Paintings = 24 Painters

Four (4) Sculptures = 12 Sculptors 

Three (3) Photography = 9 Photographers

Three (3) Poems = 9 Poets 

2017 Poetry Was Added To Version 2.1 

Helen P. Wallace Poet Laureate City of St. Petersburg Co-Curated the game.

The outcome mind-blowing!



Next Steps…

2018 Music is the new addition and Co-Curated by David Manson

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