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The 2018 Exquisite Corpse Games LLC  Ver 2.0 Unveiling Experience

“When Art & Science Meet”

St. Petersburg Fl. (September 21, 2018)- On November 1, 2018, at The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, will be the unveiling of the 2018 Exquisite Corpse Games LLC  exhibit.  The game is currently in play and goes on for a total of approximately 90 days. The unveiling is the final stretch of the game.

This version of the Exquisite Corpse Game is a spinoff of the ancient Exquisite Corpse surrealist game registered in the United States Library of Congress, with a twist.  This Year 66 talented mind’s accepted the challenge to play within the categories of Painting, Sculptures, Photography, Poetry and new 2018 addition Music lead by Composer, Musician David Manson and sponsored by Emit.   This version of the game initiated in St. Petersburg Florida also as an opportunity to create bridges with other cities, states & countries while bringing much visibility to The St. Petersburg Arts community and all participating artists.   The first stop of the 2018 Exquisite Corpse Games journey will be at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Artist Grace Howl on Saturday, November 3, 2018, located at 419-421 Central Ave, Sarasota, Fl.  Grace Howl is one of the exquisite artists that accepted the challenge to play this year.  The #ECG2018 exhibits journey is off to a great start! For details visit The unveiling is when the three artistic ideas/work of art come together as one, and seen for the first time by everyone including the artists. 

It’s a unique artistic blind surreal collaborative experiment.  The Artists are invited based on talent & passion and accept to play for their own reasons.  A common denominator is accepting the challenge to let go and just create a work of art for “Arts sake”. That is the force that ignites the creative flow and the end result is mind-blowing. The outcome; “thought-provoking surreal art”, created in a unique way!

There are three artists assigned to each corpse as Head, Torso or Legs.  The only clues the artists receive are: what part of the corpse they are creating, the medium they will be using and that every artist invited is very creative. There are 7 rules and the two most important ones are:  Rule#1 Have fun and Rule#2 sworn to secrecy.  The rest is left to the artistic science experimental part.

The object of the 2018 ECG Version 2.0 game is to illustrate through the works of art (all categories included) What the synergy (energy) of being on the same frequency (a common goal), with the same intent looks like through the cohesiveness of the pieces.  We are energy beings, and the principals of the laws of physic are in play.  That is why the selection of the artists is a very important part of this artistic Fun Experience.   The cohesiveness is visible either through shape, color, form, direction, story and in some cases all of the above.

A Few of the Participating Artists:  The #ECG2018 game has attracted world-renowned names in the art world such as artist  Amy Ernst granddaughter of Artist Max Ernst aka the grandfather of surrealism.  Nicolas Descharnes, who has lived an artistic surreal life in Paris and experienced Dali’s life through his father’s eyes,  Currently Nicolas manages his father’s (Roberto Descharnes aka as Dali’s personal assistant) photographic library in Paris and World Premier person who certifies Dali’s paintings. On a local level some of the participants are The State of Florida Poet Laurette Peter Meinke, Poet Laurette for The City of St. Petersburg and co-curator of Poetry Helen P. Wallace, Photographer and Co-curator of  photography Chuck Vosburgh , Painter  Jenipher  Chandley co-curator of Paintings ,Sculptor Scott Joseph Moore co-curator of sculptures and Ann Marie Cash Game Keeper & Head Game Curator. The list of participating artists, accomplishments & accolades is very impressive. For all artists participating list visit

2018 Exquisite Corpse Games LLC. “Don’t Judge this game by its name” this game is about living in Fun!

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